Working together to find & support the highest impact Resistance projects

How it works

  • We each commit $100/month.

  • Each month the community votes on an organization to support and the full pot goes to the winner - e.g. 100 people equals $10,000... 1,000 people equals $100,000!

  • Potential orgs are grouped into 4 categories. Each month we focus on one.

  • One of our main efforts is that we're building a database of the best Resistance projects. We crowdsource the best orgs/candidates in each category.

  • We work on an Honor Code basis: each month we donate directly to the org of the month - the funds don’t flow through us at all.

  • We then circulate actions that all members can take to help the winning org/candidate beyond the financial contribution.

  • Watch Trump squirm/get called out on Twitter, Save Democracy!

Showcase: July'18: Sister District

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